City Park

City Center

City Park, situated on Jaffa 61 – bordering the iconic intersection of Jaffa Road and King George Street - with unfettered access to the city's primary thoroughfare, its rapid light rail and various means of public transportation, is the newest boutique residence, brought to you by Platinum Realtors. Firmly steeped in its fascinating history lies the Even Yisrael Quarter, originally constructed around picturesque inner courtyards in eye-catching, eclectic architectural styles. Built at the turn of the 20th century, this structure sits on private land. City Park – a luxurious boutique residence reaching 8 stories into the Jerusalem skyline – will offer 55 2-bedroom units with an unmatched touch of elegance that most can only dream about. These exquisite living units reflect the comprehensive design and planning behind the impeccable specifications. While not designated as a historical site for preservation, the elements in the original façade are worthy of preservation and the street level will maintain its quaint charm and the existing commercial and business establishments. In a bold architectural feat, the new will literally grow out of the old. Adjacent to City Park will lie a 700 square meter verdant park, cleverly hidden from the hustle and bustle of Jaffa Road, allowing residents to enjoy a quiet and peaceful respite from the non-stop excitement and vibrant dynamism that is Jerusalem. Feel the pulse, feel the excitement. Don't let this rare opportunity slip from your grasp!